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Situated in Madhya pradesh, Gwalior is known as "the land of music, art and history". It is the birth place of the legendery Miyan Tansen (Music Samrat). Gwalior, founded by King Surajesan, is famous for its stupendous palaces, sanctified temples and magnificent monuments.

The destination attracts tourists for its rich historical and religious significance, which is evident in forts, palaces, museums, temples and kunds. With its stimulating ambience and undeniable aura of romance, Gwalior is one of the most impressive cities in India for the sensitive holidaymakers.

Forming a part of the Heritage Tourism belt, Gwalior is a gwalior of tourist attraction. Gwalior is one of the popular cities in the Gird region of India in the state of Madhya Pradesh. The majestic Gwalior fort is one of the largest and mightiest forts in India.

There are many hotels in Gwalior which let the tourists coming from different places to relax in peace.Although there are various sightseeing options but relaxing in a luxurious hotel with all required facilities, are the best possible modes of relaxation. Apart from these luxurious hotels, one can also find cheap hotels in Gwalior and budget hotels in Gwalior. Gwalior hotels also offer sightseeing facilities to customers at affordable prices. You can choose a hotel in Gwalior in terms of its services, its proximity to the temple and other locations of tourist interest.

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